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- O. K. Fred (=Profile Of Errol Dunkley) (Errol Dunkley)
- OK Fred: The Best of Errol Dunkley (Errol Dunkley)
- Old & New Testament (Charlie Chaplin)
- On Bond Street Kgn. Ja. (Bitty McLean & The Supersonics)
- On The Other Side Of Dub (Lone Ranger)
- On The Road (Brigadier Jerry)
- On Top (Heptones)
- One And One = Two (General Plough & Welton Irie)
- One In A Million (Half Pint)
- One Life To Live (Causion)
- One Riddim On The Move (VA)
- One The Hard Way (Chuck Turner)
- One Up (Cocoa Tea)
- One Way (Cocoa Tea)
- Only King Selassie (Ras Shiloh)
- Original (Singing Melody)
- Original Bad Boy Ridim (VA)
- Original Front Tooth Gold Tooth Gun Pon Tooth Don Gorgon! (Ninjaman)
- Original Rockers (Augustus Pablo)
- Out In The Country (Peter Hunnigale)
- Outlaw Nuff Reward (Terry Ganzie)